SMC GatewayThe SMC Gateway is a versatile appliance that enables system integrators to build customer-focused solutions without the need to install PCs and expensive software.

Each gateway is capable of multiple, simultaneous functions, including but not limited to:

  • Text messaging to and from DMR radio systems
  • Email using SMTP & POP services
  • Radio registration events (ARS/RRS)
  • Alert calls
  • GSM Text messaging via USB GSM Dongle
  • Telephone interconnection (Hytera DMR only, VoIP / GSM)
  • Voltage monitoring via the power input (9-15V DC)
  • Third party connectivity via TCP/UDP sockets, HTTP requests/posts, external databases and more
  • Internet of Things “IoT” integration

With the addition of the option board, the gateway can also provide:

  • Serial data (RS232 & TTL level)
  • Digital/volt free inputs (x4)
  • Relay outputs (x2)
  • Direct connection to Hytera MD655 mobile radio (not USB)

Most importantly, the gateway provides you with a powerful flowchart-like tool to create and edit workflows that in turn convert your customers requirements into the perfect working solution.